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COVID-19 Emergency Orders Extended In Ontario Until June 19th

By extending these orders, it will allow the employers of frontline care providers to be given the flexibility to respond to COVID-19. It will also protect those who are vulnerable, and the public, as Ontario reopens slowly and safely.

ONTARIO - After consulting with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Province has extended all emergency orders until June 19th.

In addition, they’ll extend the suspension of limitation periods and time periods in legal proceedings until September 11th.

Premier Doug Ford says these emergency orders are to stay in place for a safe and slow reopening of the province.

"It is critical that we keep these emergency orders in place so we can continue to reopen the province gradually and safely. We are not out of the woods yet, and this deadly virus still poses a serious risk. We encourage businesses to begin preparing to reopen, so when the time comes, they will be able to protect employees, consumers and the general public."

This will ensure people will not experience legal consequences if they don't meet the original time requirements of their case while this order is in effect. The Province is working with the courts to make sure operations can resume as soon as it is safely possible.

Other orders that will be extended include drinking water systems and sewage works and child care fees.

By extending these orders, the employers of frontline care providers will be given the necessary flexibility to respond to COVID-19 and protect those who are vulnerable, and the public, as Ontario reopens slowly and safely.

Current emergency orders that have been extended include those that allow frontline care providers to redeploy staff where they are needed most, allow public health units to redeploy or hire staff to support case management and contact tracing, and prevents employees at long-term care and retirement homes from working at more than one home or for another health service provider.

Anyone who suspects they may have the virus, or may have been exposed to it, is encouraged to visit an assessment centre to be tested.

People should practice physical distancing to help stop the spread, staying at least two metres apart from anyone who does not live in the smae house as them, wash their hands thoroughly and frequently and if physical distancing is a challenge, wear a face mask.

The following emergency orders have been extended until June 19th:

- Closure of Establishments

- Prohibiting Organized Public Events, Certain Gatherings

- Work Deployment Measures for Health Care Workers

- Electronic Service

- Work Deployment Measures in Long -Term Care Homes

- Closure of Places of Non-Essential Businesses

- Traffic Management

- Streamlining Requirements for Long-Term Care Homes

- Prohibition on Certain Persons Charging Unconscionable Prices for Necessary Goods

- Closure of Outdoor Recreational Amenities

- Enforcement of Orders

- Work Deployment Measures for Boards of Health

-  Work Deployment Measures in Retirement Homes

- Access to COVID-19 Status Information by Specified Persons

- Service Agencies Providing Services and Supports to Adults with Developmental Disabilities

- Pickup and Delivery of Cannabis

- Signatures in Wills and Powers of Attorney

- Use of Force and Firearms in Policing Services

- Agreements Between Health Service Providers and Retirement Homes

- Temporary Health or Residential Facilities

- Work Deployment Measures for Service Agencies Providing Violence Against Women Residential Services and Crisis - Line Services

- Limiting Work to a Single Long-Term Care Home

- Work Deployment Measures for District Social Services Administration Boards

- Deployment of Employees of Service Provider Organizations

- Work Deployment Measures for Municipalities

- Limiting Work to a Single Retirement Home

- Work Deployment Measures for Mental Health and Addictions Agencies

- Congregate Care Settings

- Access to Personal Health Information by Means of the Electronic Health Record

- Certain Persons Enabled to Issue Medical Certificates of Death

- Hospital Credentialing Processes

- Education Sector

- Management of Long-term Care Homes in Outbreak

- Management of Retirement Homes in an Outbreak

- Special Rules re: Temporary Pandemic Pay

- Electricity Price for RPP Consumers

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