Merchants in Final

The Norwich Merchants take on the Ayr Centennials Thursday

NORWICH - Merchants and Centennials will collide on Thursday in Game 1 of the Junior C hockey championships. A late season coaching change in November seems to have done the trick in propelling the Norwich Merchants into the finals. Dave Smith assumed the role of Merchants head coach in November and since then the team wracked up 22 wins during the regular season. The Merchants advanced after defeating New Hamburg in the semis. 

Merchants Head Coach Dave Smith said from the outset the goal has been to make it to the playoffs, "well you know what, you always want to set a goal for your team and that was the goal we set and we kept telling them that if we keep doing the little things we will get there and we did succeed."

The Ayr Centennials finished first in the league with 30 wins during the regular season. Smith said they are a formidable opponent.

The Merchants will travel to Ayr this evening for Game 1. Puck drops at 7:30 p.m. 

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