About Lainger

About Lainger
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About Paul
I’m originally from my mother's womb, but if that is too far back, Belleville Boy born and raised… which has a lot of the same characteristics as Woodstock; population, farming community, family oriented…

I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steelers Fan…which is another reason I like it here because I’m only 5 hours away from the Steel City.

I came from a farming family so I can milk about 35 cows in 90 minutes. I love to golf, but a torn rotator cuff has sidelined me this year (I like to tell everyone I have a torn rotator cuff because it makes me feel more like an athlete). Hopefully in the spring we can get out and swing and swear…

I’ve worked everywhere east of the 400 starting part time in Kingston before taking off for Timmins at the ripe old age of 18.25 years.  Then North Bay, Belleville, Kingston again, Barrie, Cobourg, Belleville again, Peterborough and now Woodstock.  If you are heading east I can take you to South Porcupine, Waupos, and Keene let me know when you are going.



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