Mailing Address By Telephone
104.7 Heart FM - CIHR-FM
223 Norwich Ave
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada 
N4S 3V8

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday from 8:30a until 4:30p
Closed on Holidays
Main Office Line: 519-537-8400
Studio Line: 519-537-1047
Fax Line: 519-537-8600
Newsroom: 519-537-8040


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Contact by Department
Brian Langston,General Manager 519-537-8400 ext. 222
Darrell VanSickle, Senior Sales Supervisor 519-537-8400 ext. 238
Cody Belanger, Account Manager 519-537-8400 ext. 224
Debora Rosa, Account Manager  519-537-8400 ext. 224
Deanna Gamble, Account Manager 519-537-8400 ext. 237
Jason Norris, Account Manager 519-537-8400 ext. 223
Dan Henry, Program Director, Afternoon Host 519-537-8400 ext. 225
Paul Laing, Morning Co-Host, Music Director 519-537-8400 ext. 243
Cody Hayward, Mid-Day Show 519-537-8400 ext. 228
Chris McMillan, News Director, Afternoon News Anchor 519-537-8400 ext. 233
Marcie Culbert, News Anchor, News Reporter 519-537-8400
Sabrina Storm, Morning Show Co-Host/News Anchor 519-537-8400
Cody Hayward, Promotions Director 519-537-8400 ext. 228
Cruiser Personality, Promotions Assistant   
Jackie Garland, Business Manager, Front Desk 519-537-8400 221
Chris Byrnes, Byrnes Communications INC. 1-905-332-1331

104.7 Heart FM is independently owned and operated by Byrnes Communications Inc. and is a market leader in Canada in terms of technology, innovation and service. Our goal is to provide our listeners and our advertisers with the best possible experience.


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