Landlord Makes Fire Prevention a Priority

A Woodstock landlord has made a big push in fire prevention after a blaze at one of her properties three months ago.

WOODSTOCK - A landlord from Woodstock is making fire prevention a huge priority in her life after a blaze at one of her properties. 

A fire broke out about 3 months ago on Ingersoll Avenue, causing one unit in the property to be completely destroyed while also causing smoke damage to the landlord's home that she was staying in. Wilma Boughtflowers says the fire made her push for fire prevention, after she was told her home wasn't fully up to the fire code. 

"We were just fortunate that nobody was hurt, it was a learning experience for all of us. And has since been a learning experience for all of my friends, relatives, neighbour's and I've become a complete advocate of fire prevention."

Boughtflower also said.

"A tragedy can happen so quickly, and we never think it can happen to us. But it certainly can and that's why its so important to have the proper fire prevention in your home because I didn't have the proper fire prevention."

Boughtflower did not realize that the smoke detectors at her property were not up to code because they were too old. She has worked diligently with the Woodstock Fire Department to make sure everything currently is back on track. They provided here with a list of everything that is needed at her property and she is now doing her best to ensure every landlord in Woodstock follows suit. 

If you wish to know more about how you can keep your home safe and protected contact the Woodstock Fire Department at 519-537-3412.

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