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Major Program Changes at AHI and TDMH

The Alexandra Hospital and Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital announced a couple of major program moves at their hospitals today.

TILLSONBURG/INGERSOLL - The Alexandra Hospital and Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital announced a couple of major program moves at their hospitals. 

President and CEO Sandy Jansen says the two program moves will allow our hospitals to not only survive in the post-COVID healthcare world but to thrive. 

“At AHI, we are taking the first step toward opening a new wing focused on providing “one-stop” healthcare for those in our
communities living with chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. This innovative centre will be located on the second floor of the hospital and will build on the success of the Oxford County Cardiac Rehab Program.” 

Jansen says that as the baby boomer population ages, there is a growing need to support people living with chronic illnesses. 
In support of this new program, the hospitals will be moving the Regional Diabetes Education Program currently located at TDMH to AHI. This program currently sees over 2,800 patients per year. 

The community will see a number of changes coming to AHI including a significant renovation of the second floor and expanded parking. The program will continue to serve the entire area, including Tillsonburg, through local and virtual programs.

Another big change coming to the hospitals is the expansion of the surgical program at TDMH to a full time service with 7 day a week coverage. Chief Operating Officer for both hospitals Mike Bastow says that several years ago, the surgical program at TDMH was cut as a savings strategy. 

“We recognized there were several unintended consequences of cutting the surgical program at TDMH, including reducing healthcare options for the people living in our communities. We have reinstated this full program through the implementation of savings strategies, the introduction of new revenue generating programs and the movement of cataract surgeries from AHI.”

Jansen says they understand that some people in the community might not like these moves. 

“We recognize that some in our communities may, at first glance, see these moves as a loss however this couldn't be farther from the truth. By making these moves, both hospitals and more importantly our communities win as we are providing more services close to home. Further we are able to make these incredible changes within our budgets and without any job losses. In fact, as the programs continue to grow, we will undoubtedly be hiring more people.”

The budget increase at AHI associated with this expansion is well over $500,000 and patient visits to the hospitals will at minimum triple in the early days. 

Chief of Program Development and System Transformation Jennifer Row says this program will continue to grow and expand over the years to come. 

“Our leadership team continues to focus on growing AHI and TDMH to play a key role in healthcare in the region.” 

Earlier this year, AHI announced the addition of two new clinics. Dr. Gary Tithecott is now offering outpatient pediatrics services at AHI and the new Oxford County Specialty Wound Care and Diabetic Foot Ulcer Offloading Clinic opened in January 2020. 

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