Premier Ford Not Going to Increase Restrictions After a Busy Weekend in Toronto

Premier Ford says he is not going to punish the rest of the Province because a group of people in Toronto ended up getting together.

ONTARIO - The Premier of Ontario says he is not going to punish the entire Province, because of the selfish actions of others.

Over the past week we have seen the daily number of cases rise and the amount of testing go down. With this in mind and the large numbers at Trinity Belwood in Toronto, Premier Doug Ford was asked to today if he was going to roll back restrictions that have been eased so far.

"I'm disappointed to say the least with everyone that showed up to Trinity Belwood on Saturday, I went by on Sunday and didn't see that many people. My recommendation to anyone at Trinity Belwood, why don't you do us all a favour and go get tested now. Go to local hospital assessment centre and get tested and I encourage anyone who has been in large gatherings like that and some of the stuff that was going on there, they need to get tested. That is what I would recommend, I'm not going to punish the whole province because a group of people in Toronto ended up getting together and it's not fair to everyone else in Toronto as well and all areas of Toronto that didn't have, as I said on Sunday, it was like a Rock Concert without the band."

Ford says the crowds at Trinity Belwood was alarming.

"These are smart young people that were there, I mean c'mon guys give me a break, just don't do reckless things like that. There are obviously smart young people in the city, that's what took me back, that's the last group I was thinking would be out there but they did and now hopefully it is not going to happen again. What I worry about is now they are going to go back home, how about their family members, their parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, grandparents, weren't they thinking of them when they went there, but no I'm not going to punish the rest of the Province."

Ford did say it's not fair to label the entire City and he is not going to open the Province with two tiers.

"To have two tiers of opening the Province, it just doesn't make sense, the people of Toronto are just going to go into rural areas. I want to say, we can't paint a broad brush across Toronto, 99.9 percent of the people of Toronto have been phenomenal, the odd group, that misbehaves as you might say, that is not reflective of the people of Toronto. The people of Toronto have been great and I appreciate everything they have been doing." 

Meanwhile Deputy Premier Christine Elliott also stated today they are going to push back any announcements on expanding social gatherings. 

You can listen to his full statement below. 

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