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Web and Mobile Advertising







Heart FM covers all of your Web and Mobile advertising needs.

- 1047.ca is the local portal for residents and businesses of Woodstock, Oxford County and Beyond!
- They visit us for News, Community, and Entertainment. 

  • Over 200,000 page views from Southern Ontario alone.
  • Over 40,000 unique views per month!
  • Our news pages see over 10,000 views daily and we've recorded months with over 100,000 unique news views.
  • 49% of visits are users visiting on their mobile phone/tablet via our site or app.
  • On average 600 new downloads of our app per month. 
  • Instant Advertising Impressions on our site and app. Advertising in places that makes sense! 

Who will I be connecting with and how?

Top Cities Top Browser Top Operating System
1) Woodstock
2) London
3) Toronto
4) Kitchener
5) Ingersoll
1) Internet Explorer
2) Safari (Mobile)
3) Chrome
4) Safari (Desktop)
5) Android (Mobile)
1) Windows
2) iOS (Mobile)
3) Android (Mobile)
4) Macintosh
5) Blackberry


  • A connection between your business and internet users of Oxford County - which is the vast majority of people in 2015.
  • Be a part of the biggest news stories in our area, by having your businesses advertisement right next to the story.
  • Real-Time Analytics by request for your web ad and your business. 
  • Advertising options include boxes on our site and sponsorships of content on our site.
  • Advertising options can be offered for 1047.ca and our mobile APP or both - what works best for you!

1047.ca is a website built on quality content. 

Is your business ready to join us and Oxford County on 1047.ca?

If you have never advertised
 online before - this is your chance to join the digital world!

We make it simple to understand, and easy to see results! 



For More Information on our Mobile App Click Here!


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