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Heart FM Question of the Day!

Hit the Jackpot with Heart FM's Question of the Day!


Every Tuesday & Thursday you have the chance to score $100 in Lotto Max or Lotto 649 tickets!

Contest Rules/Details:

  • Every Tuesday & Thursday we'll post a new Question on this page. To play just text or call your responses to our prize line 519-537-1047. 
  • All correct responses will go into a random draw for either $100 in Lotto Max Tickets or $100 in Lotto 649 Tickets.  
  • Contest opens around 5:30am and closes around 8:40am. 
  • This contest follows the Standard Heart FM Contest Policy
  • We will notify you promptly if you are the lucky winner 

Good Luck!


September 26/2023 - It's said that this can help give people in their 40's & 50's a mood boost, what is it? 

Correct Answer: 


September 21/2023 - About 30% of us would go into debt to buy this, what is it?  

Correct Answer: Concert Tickets

Winner: Wes Mazur

September 19/2023 - It's said that nearly half of us won't travel without doing this, what is it? 

Correct Answer: Bring your own Pillow

Winner: Jesse Gadzala 

September 14/2023 - We do this more on a Saturday than any other day of the week, what is it? 

Correct Answer: Watch a Movie

Winner: Nolan Rose

September 12/2023 - Most of us do this about 10 times a day, what is it?

Correct Answer: Second Guess themselves - Change Their Minds

Winner: Janet Morley

September 7/2023 - Apparently this happens about 4 years sooner than it did 40 years ago, what is it? 

Correct Answer: Gray Hair

Winner: Bill McKie

September 5/2023 - The Average Person does this 5 times a day, what is it? 

Correct Answer: Greet a Neighbour-Say Hello

Winner: Linda Yake

August 31/2023 QOTD: 49% of couples get this before getting married. What is it?

Correct Answer: A pet

Winner: Patricia Godfrey



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