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Heart FM Question of the Day!

Hit the Jackpot with Heart FM's Question of the Day!


Every Tuesday & Thursday you have the chance to score $100 in Lotto Max or Lotto 649 tickets!

Contest Rules/Details:

  • Every Tuesday & Thursday we'll post a new Question on the Dan and Marcie Show Facebook Fan Page. To play just submit your comment on the post or text or call your responses to our prize line 519-537-1047. 
  • All correct responses will go into a random draw for either $100 in Lotto Max Tickets or $100 in Lotto 649 Tickets.  
  • Contest opens around 5:30am and closes around 8:40am. 
  • This contest follows the Standard Heart FM Contest Policy
  • We will notify you promptly if you are the lucky winner 

Good Luck!

May 23: QOTD: Kids say this is the number 1 thing that puts them in a bad mood in the morning, what is it?

May 21: Over 40% of parents say they have their best bonding moments with their children while doing this, what?

May 16: QOTD: More than half of us believe we can't do this, what is it? 

May 14: QOTD: Over 30% of couples say their spouse is guilty of this, what is it?

May 9: In the past 10 years belief in this has dropped to 46%, what is it?

May 7: QOTD: About a quarter of us do this at work but women are twice as likely as men to do so, what is it.

May 2: QOTD: About 45% of women don't know or care about this, what is it? 

April 30: QOTD: A study has found that couples who share this are happier, what is it?

April 25:QOTD: About 1 in 20 people had this when they were a toddler, what is it?

April 23: QOTD: About 40% of preschoolers typically know this, what? 

April 18: QOTD: It's suggested that nowadays over 70% of us don't know how to do this, what is it? 

April 16: QOTD: Close to 40% of women go through life without this, what is it?  

April 11: QOTD: About 1 in 5 people do this while driving, what is it? 

April 9: QOTD: 2 out of 5 adults have gone 3 days without this, what is it?  

April 4: QOTD: 96% of us say we have no patience for this. What is it?

April 2: QOTD: The Average Person Will Do THIS 7163 Times In Their Lifetime, what is it?



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