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Heart FM Question of the Day!

Hit the Jackpot with Heart FM's Question of the Day!


Every Tuesday & Thursday you have the chance to score $100 in Lotto Max or Lotto 649 tickets!

Contest Rules/Details:

  • Every Tuesday & Thursday we'll post a new Question on this page. To play just text or call your responses to our prize line 519-537-1047. 
  • All correct responses will go into a random draw for either $100 in Lotto Max Tickets or $100 in Lotto 649 Tickets.  
  • Contest opens around 5:30am and closes around 8:40am. 
  • This contest follows the Standard Heart FM Contest Policy
  • We will notify you promptly if you are the lucky winner 

Good Luck!


Feb 13 - QOTD: Just over 40% of women say they want this for Valentines Day, what is it? 

Correct Answer: 


Feb 8 - QOTD: Over 60% of us agree this is the biggest waste of money on a regular basis, what is it?  

Correct Answer: ATM Fees

Winner: Rick Staples. 

Feb 6 - QOTD: They say we do this 5 times a day, what? 

Correct Answer: Say Thank You

Winner: Kathleen Scott

Feb 1 - QOTD: Ten years ago, about a third of us said this was okay, now it’s 80%, what is it?

Correct Answer: Phone in the Bathroom

Winner: Donna Galbraith

Jan 30 - QOTD: On average it's suggested we throw away about 1/4 of this, what is it? 

Correct Answer: Loaf of Bread 

Winner: Trine Fisker

Jan 25 - QOTD: Close to 1 in 4 of us say we’d have more happiness in our lives if we had a couple more of these, what are they?

Correct Answer: Cup Holders

Winner: Andrew Divinski. 

Jan 23: QOTD: 1 in 5 people have given up this for Lent, what is it? 

Correct Answer: Social Media

Winner: Jessie McDonald

January 18: QOTD: This is the top thing that dog owners squabble about, what is it?

Correct Answer:Who will Walk the Dog

Winner: Linda Sonnenburg


January 16 - QOTD: About 1 in 4 of us have never been here, where? 

Correct Answer: Inside Your Neigbours House

Winner: Cecile Plester


January 11 - QOTD: A recent study suggests that the way we do this affects our mood. What is it?

Correct Answer: The Way We Walk

Winner: Gord Rose

January 9 - QOTD: 14% of people believe this helps make them look more attractive to the opposite sex, what is it?

Correct Answer: Having a Cute Dog

Winner: Wendy Griffin Atkinson

January 4 - QOTD: It's said that doing this can help improve your memory, what is it? 

Correct Answer: Breathing through your nose

Winner: Carla Smith

January 2 - QOTD: A recent study asked people what the most stressful thing they've ever experienced was, what did most people say? 

Correct Answer: 


















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