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New Year Same Old Me

            We are now officially half way through the month of January, otherwise known as the most common time people break their news year’s resolutions. I did not make a New Years resolution this year, mainly because I got tired of setting myself up for disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to lose weight and my knees would love it even more. My liver would appreciate it if I cut back on the booze and my wife would really appreciate if my New Years Resolution was to never leave another article of clothing on the ground ever again but in reality we all know that is never going to happen. Every one of these things would have been a great resolution for me; however I decided this year I would not set myself or my wife up for heartbreak.

            I think I have this whole resolution thing figured out. First of all "New Year New Me" is garbage. It may be a new year but you are the same person so stop saying it, honestly your just embarrassing yourself at this point. If you were a jerk in 2016, chances are your going to be a jerk in 2017 and two weeks of being nice in January isn’t going to change anything. Change is one of the hardest things to accomplish in this life. It’s scary, it’s not something you can fully prepare for and for the most part people loathe it. Let’s face it we all do it, at least most of us do. It’s why I didn’t give George Stroumboulopoulos a chance to replace Ron McLean. All I saw was a skinny jeaned know it all and my mind was already made up before he even hosted one game. Clearly I was not alone in this as after two years Ron is back where he belongs and the hockey world is right again. So I think in order to really change your life, your lifestyle habits or really anything major about yourself, it has to come from something far more important than a date on the calendar.

            My life changed for the better about two years ago when my daughter was born. I will fully admit now that I was scared to death when my wife told me she was pregnant. Deep down I always knew I wanted to be a dad but I didn’t think I was ready for it yet. I still had video games to play, parties to attend and being a positive role model was not something I was ready for, or so I thought. It turns out parenthood was easier than I ever could have imagined. Don’t get me wrong it is incredibly tough and the horror stories you have heard from tired, stressed out parents are really real. Early morning wakeups suck, I literally fight with my daughter at least twice a day over pedestrian things like eating dinner or getting dressed in the morning but you know what I love every minute of it or at least almost every minute, I mean nobody enjoys changing a diaper, potty training or cleaning up puke. I’m certainly not a perfect father, not even close, in fact I am 100 percent certain there are some judgemental parents out there who would think I was a horrible parent because we do not feed our daughter all organic food and allow her to a watch a little bit of TV from time to time, but I love my daughter and was able to change my habits and lifestyle drastically to accommodate the most important person in my life. So how do you compare that to a date on the calendar? Now don’t get me wrong I still need to lose weight and one day I will or maybe I won’t, who knows what the future holds but I can tell you right now I won’t be finding the motivation because the calendar turned over.

            Don’t get me wrong if you quit smoking two years ago because of a resolution or lost the weight and kept it off, all the power to ya, I am genuinely happy for you but for me I found the whole resolution thing never worked out. I would love to hear some resolution success stories though, who knows maybe it will even inspire to join Dan Henry on a run one of these days.


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