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Top 5 Gifts for Dad This Christmas

The purpose of this blog post is to help you find that special gift for the dad in your life. Right off the hop, if you have gotten your dad socks or a tie this Christmas, I can tell you right now he is going to hate it.

He is going to smile and tell you he loves it but secretly, deep down, he will hate it.

Let’s face it, for the most part guys don’t love getting clothes for Christmas and they certainly don’t enjoy boring clothes like socks and ties. You would never buy your mom panty hose for Christmas, so why would you buy your dad socks. Maybe I’m a little bitter because one year that’s all I got.

Literally everyone in my family got me socks. Now to be fair I brought that on myself by not throwing out some old pairs with gigantic holes and never wearing matching pairs and clearly everyone noticed.

Another thing to remember is if dad says he doesn’t want a Christmas present and money is tight this time of year, he means it. This is not one of those, 'I-just-said-that-but-deep-down-I-want-a-gift.' No the gift of saving money is a gift in and of itself and any good father can appreciate that.

So without further ado, here are the top five presents to get Dad this holiday season:

                                                                  5. Good Beer

Listen if your dad drinks Lucky Lager or Pilnser, 9 times out of 10 he’s not doing it because he likes it – No, he is doing it because he is trying to save a few bucks. Don’t get me wrong; there are exceptions to this kind of rule, but for the most part it is true. The idea of giving gifts is to get something nice for your loved one that he would not normally get himself and that can include his favourite brew. Last year my sister got me the Harvest Grain Canadian whiskey that was so popular at the time, and it was easily the best gift I had received in a long time.

                                                                    4. Tools

You can never go wrong by getting dad a tool that he needs. Tools are essential for every household and nothing gives dad more of a sense of accomplishment than building something for his family. Don’t get me wrong - getting him to do it is a painstaking process but once it’s complete it is a great feeling and if he had the right tools it might be easier to accomplish. I remember when I was a kid my older sisters and brother chipped in their cash and bought an expensive answering machine for my Dad for Christmas. They asked me to join in and I declined because I knew there was a screw driver in his arsenal of tools that he was missing and I opted for that instead. Needless to say he hated the answering machine and loved the screw driver; in fact I have reason to believe he still uses it to this day.

                                                                   3. Anything Tech Based

If you have the means to spend a little bit on dad this holiday season, than a tech based gift will always go over well. Whether that is a tablet or a new phone, laptop - heck if you're just plain rich, no dad would ever be disappointed with a big screen TV. Caution: If dad asked you not to spend a lot of money on him this year, do not buy any of these gifts. Dad would much rather not get a lavish gift at Christmas than have to lend you money to pay your credit card bill in January.

                                                                   2. Guilt Free Day

This is probably my favourite gift idea and the key to it is guilt free. What I mean is whatever your dad is interested in or passionate about, give him that day guilt free. For me a perfect guilt free day would be 18 holes of golf or even better and cheaper, a guilt free day of watching football. Guilt free means you take care of the kids - if they are of age, they can join in the golf or the football too but if they are not when dad comes home, you tell them how great they were in his absence. If they were terrible, than you lie. You flat out lie and tell them how great they were. Dad should feel good about this day, he has earned it. (Now before you comment, I understand completely mom deserves this day to, heck she probably deserves a lot more of them, but this isn’t a mom blog it’s a dad blog) Your guilt free day can be for anything: if dad’s into cars, maybe it’s a day at a car show, or a NASCAR race with his buddies or whatever he wants to do for one day. Now dads get these days all the time, but how often do you get it guilt free.

                                                                   1. Get a Good Deal

No matter what you get Dad this year, make sure you get a good deal. The deal can be a gift itself. I know for a fact that if my family gets me something and I know they got it half off, that makes me feel that much better. Being a parent is a lot of responsibility and Christmas can be stressful with the finances so if there is anyone in the family who would be happy to not have a fuss made over them, it’s Dad.

This is just my opinion; if you disagree I would love to hear from you. Comment below on what gifts I missed or which ones you think I am way off base on.


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