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Top Five Christmas Movies for the Scrooge in Your Life

It has been brought to my attention that I am a bit of Scrooge.

I'm that guy that cringes when we play Christmas music before December 15th. I'm that guy that will re-gift those crummy socks you gave me and I'm that guy that doesn't wrap presents, I simply place an item in a bag without the tissue paper so you can clearly see what I got you. I lived a great scrooge like existence for years, free of scrutiny and my family was very supportive of my scroogeness. 

Things changed for me when I met my wife who is a complete and total sucker for Christmas. She loves the holidays and has gotten me to change my ways a bit. Another big change happened almost 2 years ago around Christmas time with the birth of my daughter. After seeing her face when she got to decorate the Christmas tree this year, I knew that I was going to become a Christmas guy. 

Since my wife and I starting dating she has insisted on watching Christmas movies during the month of December. I have consumed a lot of them over the years and have actually found some that we're quite tolerable, dare I say even good. So here you have it the top five Christmas movies for the scrooge in your life. 


Full disclosure here, I am a huge Dan Aykroyd fan. To steal a line from Kevin Smith, I think Dan Aykroyd could of played the shark in Jaws, that's how good of an actor he is. If this was my top 5 movies of all time list the Great Outdoors with John Candy and Dan Ayrkoyd would crack the top 3. Aykroyd doesn't get top billing in this movie but I firmly believe he is the star and emerges as the hero in this fun Christmas story based off the novel from John Grisham. This movie is full of cheesy Christmas good cheer, it also highlights everything that is wrong with Christmas before the typical redeeming feel good ending. I recommend this movie for the entire family. 

4. Bad Santa

I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory and the perfect movie for scrooges and Christmas lovers alike. Recommended for adults only. 


Home Alone is just a great movie. As someone who was born in the 80's I am a complete sucker for John Hughes films and this certainly is right up there as one of his best. Home Alone is must watch viewing at our home for the holidays and it still cracks me up every time Joe Pesci lights his head on fire. It's also fun to watch this movie now and count how many times Burt and Marv should have died. This is a must watch for the entire family. 


This is my favourite adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. Several movies and tv specials have been done on the Christmas Carol and with all due respect to the Muppets, this one takes the cake. Also it has Bill Murray and similar to Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray could play the Shark in Jaws and pull it off. Recommended for most of the family. (Some of the younger children may get a little scared) 


First of all yes Die Hard is a Christmas movie. In fact it is the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Die Hard has everything you would want in a Christmas movie. It is an action packed thrill ride full of quotable one liners that put Arnold and Stallone to shame. This is my all time favourite Christmas movie. Full Dislosure: I didn't consider Die Hard a Christmas movie until my wife insisted we watch about 3 Christmas movies a week during the month of December. So remembers fellas, the next time she says let's watch a Christmas movie tonight, let her know you have a great one in mind. Recommended for the entire family. (Yes there is graphic violence and bad language but I wouldn't want to deprive any living person from watching this cinematic masterpiece)


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