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Superstitions for the 21st Century

If you’re one of those people who buy into superstitions today is a bad day for you – Friday the 13th. Personally, I’m not superstitious, but in going through some of the most commonly held superstitions, I thought it might be time for a bit of an update – after all, who’s going to find lucky pennies on the ground anymore?

Here are some of my suggestions for modern superstitions we can start adopting.

Phantom Vibrate

Grandma Knox used to always tell me, ‘If your ears are burnin’, it’s because someone’s talking about you.’

I’m not sure if that’s true, but I have definitely felt my phone vibrate only to pull it out of my pocket and find out there was nothing there. No text, no missed call - nothing. I know people who feel this phantom vibration 2 or 3 times a day even when their phone isn't even on them.

But what if it's more than just out mind playing trick on us?

What if this is the modern equivalent of those 'burning ears?' Someone, somewhere is talking about you, and you can feel it.

404 – Item Not Found

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, you’ve encountered the error 404 – page not found. You could have sworn this page was here yesterday, but now it’s disappeared into the ether.

So it stands to reason that April 04 (4-04) is the day you are guaranteed to lose something important. Let’s stop worry about Friday the 13th and start worrying about 4-04.

The Bringer of Bad Luck - A Dead Battery

You’re absolutely sure you plugged your phone in last night. You distinctly remember doing it. And yet here you are, just finishing your first cup of coffee at work only to see your phone start flashing 5% battery.

And to make matters worse, you don’t have a charger.

If you've ever had this happen to you, know know you're already in for a bad day. But what if it was predestined to be that way?

Maybe a dead battery is just a harbinger of bad luck.

So there are my suggestions for some modern superstitions - what do else do you think we should add?


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