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International Women's Day

AppreSHEation Award Nomination

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About the AppreSHEation Award

This award recognizes either a woman (including those who identify as female) or group of women for their unpaid work in the community. Please provide examples of how your nominee demonstrates some, or all, of the following criteria:

 Taken on the role of a community leader through volunteering efforts that has made, or is making, a difference to women in the community. Examples include: running a community mom’s group, youth or women’s group.

 Goes above and beyond her work specifications to make a difference in women’s lives in the community

 Has made a significant difference in her own life that has positively impacted other women in the community

 Has led an advocacy campaign that has influenced positive change for women in the community

 Is a positive role model, making a difference to women in the community through her enthusiasm, inspiration, empowerment, and leading of change

 Helps to create safe places and spaces for women; works towards helping women strengthen their sense of belonging in the community

It is recognized each nominee might not have experience in every category; however we invite you to share the successes of your nominee.

This year we are accepting nominations for two categories:

1. Youth (under age 18)

2. Adult (age 18 or older)

Please note the deadline for award nominations is Friday, February 14, 2020.

Completed forms can be emailed to Linda Leyten at lindaleyten@unifor88.ca or faxed to 519-425-1250.

Any questions can be directed to Linda at 519-425-0952 x102.

Thank you,

2020 International Women’s Day Planning Committee

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