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11 Local Projects Boosted by Federal Funds

$553,000 isn't a lot of money to the federal government, but it's going to make a big impact in small communities across Oxford County. That pool of money is going to support 11 infrastructure projects in the County, including two big ones in Tillsonburg. The Library is getting $275,000 to support upgrades, and a Lake Lisgar refurbishment is getting $56-thousand. The funding covers 33-50% of the project costs. Oxford MP Dave MacKenzie made the announcements in Woodstock and Tillsonburg today, saying the funding will help stretch local tax dollars. "Around the county, there's things in various arenas and facilities, so it means that the smaller amounts of money goes a long ways for many of these communities for things that they may have wanted to do, but wouldn't have gotten around to it this year." In Woodstock, the Community Complex and Sea Cadets building are each getting $25,000 for accessible washrooms. Sea Cadet Branch President Brian Kaufman says the new washrooms are long overdue. "As far as I know, it's a pre-war building. We've been in here for over 25-years. The washrooms...are quite old and needed some upgrading." Mayor Pat Sobeski says in some instances, the projects wouldn't get done without this money, including improvements to Tip O'Neill baseball field. "That project, we might not have done for 5-years at the city. So by the federal government committing these small amounts, it makes these projects doable." Here's the full list of the projects: communities, projects, total projects costs, and federal funding dollars: Community Project Total Cost Federal Funding Woodstock - Sea Cadets Bldg. Washrooms $50,000 $25,000 Woodstock - Upgrades to Tip O'Neill Ball Field $45,355 $20,677 Woodstock - Community Complex Washrooms $50,000 $25,000 Oxford County - Tillsonburg Library Renovations $831,000 $276,723 Tillsonburg - Revitalization of Lake Lisgar $112,500 $56,250 Blandford-Blenheim - Plattsville Arena Boards and Glass $162,500 $53,625 Blandford-Blenheim - HVAC - Princeton Centennial Hall $26,900 $13,450 SWOX - Mount Elgin Hall - Air Conditioning $61,000 $18,319 SWOX - Dereham Community Hall - Accessibility Upgrade $61,000 $18,319 Zorra - Fridge Compressor, Lighting -Thamesford Arena $120,000 $40,000 UTRCA - Improvements -Pittock CA Swimming Pool $18,000 $6,012 TOTAL: 11 projects $1,538,255 $553,375

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