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Coyotes Unpredictable, but Not Overly Dangerous

While rare to see a coyote in urban areas, it's not uncommon for them to be living in close proximity to humans. That from Ministry of Natural Resources Wildlife Specialist Ben Hindmarsh after three Coyotes were spotted in Woodstock's south end on Friday night in the area of Manitoba and Ontario Streets. They were spotted around 6PM, and the sighting was verified by Woodstock Police. Hindmarsh says coyotes prowl by night, and will venture onto your property if there's something luring them, like food. He explains what you should do if you have an encounter. "Never approach or attempt to feed a coyote. Don't turn your back and run but remain calm and waive your arms and yell in attempt to scare the coyote off." Hindmarsh says there have been just two coyote attacks in the history of North America that have killed humans. Still, he advises residents, rural and urban, to keep their property clear of garbage, dog food and other possible sources that would attract wild animals.

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