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Hardeman, Conservatives Not Happy with Throne Speech

"We need to change something up, either the throne speech, or the government that's putting it there." - Ernie Hardeman Oxford's MPP Ernie Hardeman doesn't sound like he's ready to support the Liberals throne speech. New Premier Kathleen Wynne will need at least one of the opposition parties to support her speech, or Ontario will head into a spring election. In the speech, the Liberals indicate they're ready and willing to work with the opposition to make the government work. But Hardeman isn't sure that will happen with the Conservatives. "It isn't about negotiating and changing this throne speech, because the direction of the throne speech is totally wrong. There's nothing in there that changes the spending pattern of the provincial government. There's only things in there to spend more money and keep everything in the same vein they've been doing all along." Promises made in the speech include clamping down on corporate tax compliance, working with public sector workers on wages and giving local residents more say in developments like wind farms, a gas plant or a casino. Hardeman calls the speech the "second verse to the same song", saying Wynne continues to take the province in the same direction as her predecessor, Dalton McGuinty.

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