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Long Term Care Home Inquiry Press Conference

A recent news conference provided a sneak peak into an upcoming public inquiry into long term care homes.

A recent news conference shined some light on an upcoming public inquiry in the safety and security of residents in long term care homes.

The inquiry lead by Justice Eileen Gillese will take a closer look at the Elizabeth Wettlaufer case, trying to determine how she managed to kill eight seniors while working in long term care homes in Woodstock and London.

Lead Commission Council William McDowell says the Wettlaufer trial has captured a lot of attention.

"When these offenses happened they were absolutely shocking and they happened in number of different facilities. I don't speak for the government but I think the government looked at it and said this is so extraordinary that we have to have a public inquiry to look into how we ensure this never happens again."

McDowell tells Heart FM the inquiry is expected to take a couple of years.

"We don't yet have the police files but I expect that will have many thousands of pages of documents. We'll have to look at medical records, we'll have to look at all of the information we can gather with the respect to Ms. Wettlaufer as well and we'll have to look at all of the records of the facilities involved. To decide how many witnesses you're going to call and what testimony you expect them to give, that's actually a pretty substantial undertaking."

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