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Public Health Supports Access to Methadone

Woodstock's methadone control by-law is now official. Oxford County gave it's rubber stamp to the by-law this morning. New rules will prevent any new clinic from establishing in Woodstock near schools and the Library. They'll also have to go through a city council approval process, including a public meeting, to establish a new clinic. Oxford Public Health was asked if they had any concerns with the by-law. The short answer was "no", but Director Lynn Beath says access is important. "It's important people have access to the treatment in the area. It's a very well-proven treatment that allows people that have an addiction to be able to get back into a productive life." Beath even said Public Health would help try to educate a neighbourhood concerned about a new development, if it happens in the future. "When they hear drug addictions, they worry about it. What we would do is we would participate in trying to educate the community as to why this is an important harm reduction strategy in Oxford County. They need not to be afraid of the service, but understand why it's there and why it's important to have it." The by-law does not apply to the current "Clinic 461" in Woodstock.

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