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Roundabout Construction Concerns Tillsonburg Council

An arterial road to Tillsonburg?s south end may be closed this summer. Project Engineer with the Ministry of Transportation Frank Hochstenbach says they?re thinking of closing Vienna Road as they construct a roundabout at Highway 3. The plan didn?t sit well with Tillsonburg Councillors. ?I understand why the MTO wants to look at a roundabout because the data shows that they are much safer. But this could be under construction for up to six months and Vienna Road being closed for five to six months has a lot of implications,? said Tillsonburg Councillor Marty Klein. Many were concerned with the affects it will have on work, tourism, and even emergency services. The MTO said they would take these comments into consideration as they move forward with the project. There was no concern, however, with the volume or type of traffic going through the roundabout. Detailed drawings showed three of the biggest types of vehicles moving through it. ?We?ve got the WB-20 tractor trailor, there?s also the potential for farm vehicles to be using it so we looked at that, and of course the wind turbine trucks. We don?t know yet where Siemens is going to be shipping these wind turbines, but it makes a lot of sense considering they?re only a couple of kilometers west of the intersection that they will be, if they?re shipping anything east bound, that they?ll be going through this intersection, so we had to take that into consideration as well,? said Hochstenbach. The MTO said the construction could start as early as this summer.

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