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CLC Presented with Social/Economic Impacts

What social and economical impacts will the proposed landfill in Beachville have on the surrounding area? The Community Liaison Committee heard initial thoughts to this answer from experts from AECOM Wednesday. Senior Environmental Consultant Tomasz Wlodarczyk says they shared the factors or the criteria that they want to examine. ?They range from property issues to use and enjoyment of property, use and enjoyment of public facilities and institutions, use and enjoyment of recreational and resources in the community, two things that are community wide such as community character and cohesion,? said Wlodarczyk. The committee had a lot of feedback for the experts including concerns about the proposed study area and how the community is already being affected. Community Liaison Committee member Carolyn Fitzgerald says the social impacts are already here. ?Our community is a very different community than it was a year ago, before Walker came to town and announced this proposal. It?s really unfortunate that [experts] weren?t around to understand what we had going for our community before,? said Fitzgerald. ?I?m always impressed by community members, they?re the experts in the community and it?s up to us doing social and economic work to listen and to objectively analyze what they have to say,? said Wlodarczyk. The experts will now take the time to get to know each area to refine the effects they will face if the landfill came.

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