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Committee Appointed to Oversee Woodingford Review

A committee has been appointed to guide the Woodingford Lodge Service Review. They will look at how it will continue to deliver a high standard of long term care while controlling costs. The committee is made up of five members on County Council, including Councillor Sandra Talbot. "I'm hoping that once this committee has been established and gets working that we can go forward positively, stop all of the questions and going back to past times. Just make it so that people understand what Woodingford Lodge is and how it operates," said Talbot. Councillor David Mayberry is also on the committee. He hopes they find out if they're being as efficient as possible. "If all you're going to do is talk about it then quit wasting time, we might as well just move on. I think there's options and I think we should be looking at them. Are they better than we've got? I don't know. But we haven't even had that discussion yet. We may end up being right back where we started, in which case we've at least had a good, careful and thorough discussion of where we should be going," said Mayberry. Councillor Marion Wearn, Warden Don McKay, and Acting Warden Margaret Lupton are the rest of the committee members. The committee will oversee and provide advice during the service review process. It's expected to be complete by June.

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