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Minister Brushes Off Request for Landfill Moratorium

The provincial Environment Minister had chimed in on the Walker Landfill proposal. But in a two page letter, responding to Oxford County Council, Jim Bradley doesn't say much. Back in April, the County wrote to Bradley, asking for a provincial moratorium on new landfill developments. In his response, 7 months later, Bradley says "the province is not considering a moratorium on future landfills as suggested by the County". Those involved in the fight against the landfill proposal aren't impressed with the letter. Chair Person for Oxford County Coalition for Social Justice, Bryan Smith, calls it a generic letter. "It seems to have taken the Minister a very long time to produce a form letter. There's really not much in this letter that addresses the specifics of Oxford County Council's request. What he hasn't addressed is the real problems that putting a dump into the aquifer will cause." Smith also said he's concerned that the Minister, at present, has no real power over the situation. "He's a Minister responsible to nobody, because he is the Minister of a minority government that has prorogued the legislature. So we have no acting government right now. He just gets to do whatever he pleases without having to consulting anybody." Smith believes the debate over the Walker Landfill proposal should be debated by the Ontario Legislature. County Council will receive the letter at their meeting on Wednesday.

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