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New Door Calms Frustrations at Woodingford

You could call it a door of perception. A glass paneled door securing the unit that houses dementia patients at Woodingford Lodge has received a makeover. The panes of glass were recently painted, using a 3-D technique that makes the door look like a book shelf. As Woodingford Operations Manager Corrie Fransen explains. "Residents with dementia tend to want to go home or go out and their mind tells them they need to go and it's very disheartening for them that they can't get out." Fransen says the door has made an immediate impact and wandering residents are no longer trying to open the door. "We've noticed a substantial difference. One of our resident care coordinators, her office is right beside that door, so she would often hear the door handle and people trying to get out. She doesn't hear that and the residents behaviours have diminished. It makes us feel better to know it's more home-like." It was made possible through a donation in December from a family who once had a resident in that unit.

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