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Police Put Cab Drivers on Notice Over Robberies

After a third cab driver was robbed in almost as many weeks, local cab drivers are on high alert. The latest incident happened early Sunday morning when a cab was called to pick up a fare at 3:15 in the morning in a St. Thomas park. The female driver was tied up to playground equipment and robbed by two suspects who were armed with a crowbar and butcher knife. It's an escalation of earlier incidents in Ingersoll and Paris, and Woodstock Taxi Owner and driver, Paul Soares says it is a concern. "These people obviously don't are about other people's feelings...they have one thing in mind, so just let them have that. Eventually they will get caught and hopefully no one gets hurt. That's the main thing." Soares says the advice he gives drivers is to give up the money, it's not worth getting hurt or killed over. "Some of the drivers have told me 'Well, I'm going to put up a fight', and I told them, 'That's not in your best interest. Your family is your best interest, keep that in mind.'" At Kendall Cab, Owner and driver Yancey Mcgee says his drivers and dispatchers are well aware of the rash of robberies, but they're not on edge. "We're not overly concerned about it, but we are aware of it, and we have a protocol that we run on if there's a situation like that." Woodstock Police have also offered advice to local cab companies, to pick up fares in well-lit areas, to keep their doors locked at all times, and don't carry a lot of cash in their vehicles. Woodstock Police Constable Steve McEwen is also advising drivers, if they're accosted by a robber, to just turn over the money. "If it's money that the person is looking for, give up the money, it's not being injured or worse over. Try to get as much information as possible, and call police immediately."

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