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Tavistock Braves to Enter Season with New and Veteran Players

The Tavistock Braves will have a strong veteran presence this season with 15 returning players.

TAVISTOCK - The Tavistock Braves are ready for another season of Junior C hockey.

General Manager Jordan Zehr says the young and fast team will have a strong veteran presence this season, with 15 players sticking around for another year.

"We're going to have anywhere from seven to nine 1997's in the line up this year - 20 year olds. Everyone's got another year experience which is a big help."

Returning players include Josh Borris and Angus Rowland. The Braves have also welcomed new players Josh Schindler, Zach Otto and Ryan Donat to the roster this season.

General Manager Jordan Zehr tells Heart FM the team will have a challenging home opener on September 15th.

"We got Ayr right out of the gate so obviously that is going to be a big measuring stick for us to line up against what has been the best for the last few years. We'll be able to put ourselves to the test right out of the gate."

In order to prepare for the big game the Braves will hit the ice for multiple preseason games in the next couple of weeks. They will host Kingcardine on August 30th, host Dorchester on September 1st and visit Dorchester on September 8th.

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