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Thousands More Charged in 2012

Woodstock Police wrote a few thousand more tickets last year. City police gave over 6,000 charges in 2012, up over 2,000 from 2011, most of them for speeding. Chief of Police Rod Freeman says that?s the community's number one concern. ?Speeding is probably the largest complaint of citizen?s in the city. Everybody has it in their own personal neighborhoods as well we see it in the downtown core and on some of the main arteries. What we?ve done is we?ve made a strong, dedicated effort to slow down traffic which in the end will result in fewer accidents and fewer injuries,? said Freeman. Close to 2,000 drivers were caught going over the speed limit. Police also gave out more criminal and drug charges in 2012. Freeman says it?s thanks to their effective Criminal Investigation and Drug Enforcement Branches in the city.

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