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Ash Trees Will Cost Thousands to Replace

It'll be hard to spot an Ash trees in Woodstock at the end of year. Since the Emerald Ash Borer flattened most of the Lions Trail, Parks and Recreation staff feel almost every tree is affected and has to go. Director Brian Connors says they're dangerous. "Left on their own, the Ash trees will fall and it's uncontrolled. Someone could be under them, they could be in our parks, on streets, they could fall on homes or on cars. So we have to get them out before that happens," said Connors. The removal and replanting is projected to cost tax payers nearly half a million dollars over the next few years. After the training and removal of the trees, a replacement program has been suggested. An estimated $465,000 would need to be spent over five years. The program would start in 2014.

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