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Back to School Vaccinations

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It's back to school season and parents are being encouraged to update their child's vaccination records as soon as possible.

OXFORD COUNTY - Oxford County Public Health wants to make sure all students have up to date vaccination records when they go back to school.

It is required under the Ontario Immunization of School Pupils Act that all students must be vaccinated.

Public Health Nurse Trisha Jordan tells Heart FM about some of the mandatory vaccinations.

"The vaccines that children should have are diphtheria, tetanus, measles mumps rubella, meningitis, pertussis which is the whooping cough and chicken pox."

Jordan tells Heart FM what parents should do if they don't want their child to be vaccinated.

"If a student can't be vaccinated for a medical or non-medical reason they would have to have a valid exemption. Parents would need to complete the exemption affidavit, have it notarized by a commissioner and put on file at the health unit."

There's five ways a parent can update their child's vaccination records;

- Bring it to Oxford County Public Health located at 410 Buller Street in Woodstock
- Mail the information (410 Buller Street, Woodstock Ontario, N4S4N1)
- Call 1-800-755-0394 with the extension 3514
- Fax the information to 519-539-6206
- Report the immunizations online

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