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OSPCA Launch No Hot Pets Campaign

The OSPCA is using their Not Hot Pets campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of leaving a pet inside a hot vehicle.

The Ontario SPCA is using their No Hot Pet's Campaign to educate the public about the dangers of leaving a pet in a hot vehicle. Leaving a furry friend like a dog inside a vehicle can have deadly health impacts.

Inspector Brandon James says this is because dogs tend to pant to cool themselves off.

"Once they are inhaling that hot humid air they have no way to drop their body temperature. If that body temperature raising even a few degrees we can start getting into organ damage, brain damage and ultimately death."

When a dog is in heat distress in a car they will not only pant excessively, other signs of heat distress include drooling, unable to get up or unconsciousness.

James tells Heart FM what people should do if they spot an animal locked inside a hot car.

"Obviously monitoring the dog making sure that the animal is in distress, often times what happens when people start getting involved is they realize the car is running and there is air conditioning going. That is not something we suggest people do but it does happen. The next thing we would suggest is try to contact the owner in order to get the animal the help that it needs."

You should also contact 310-SPCA (7722) in order to report the incident.

James says the OSPCA has seen a rise in the amount of people reporting pets in hot vehicles.

"We do know that our officers are responding to much more calls for this type of thing than we ever have. With awareness come the calls."

Instead of bringing your pet with you on the road, you are advised to leave it at home with lots of water and a fan or air conditioning system.

Click here to learn more about the OSPCA's No Hot Pets Campaign.

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