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Oxford County Elementary Schools Need Improvement

Many Oxford County elementary schools are not getting a passing grade. The latest Fraser Institute Report Card was released Sunday. Co-author of the report Dr. Peter Cowley says almost none of the Thames Valley schools in the area have any statistically significant improvements over the last five years. "Parkview and North Meadows were the only two schools in the area that showed statistically significant improvement in the last five years. St. Patrick's is above average with a 6.8 this year, but over the last five years they've only been at the average. The rest of the schools in the area are all below average," said Dr. Cowley. The report is based on provincial test scores in reading, writing and math in Grades 3 and 6. "Across the district, we're talking about two improving schools and eight declining schools, which is the wrong side of the ledger to be on. I think this is an important message for parents and educators," said Dr. Cowley, "If the folks at any of these lower performing schools say 'ya we think this is important' then the next question is well do you think your kid can and should do better?" On average, catholic schools receive higher ratings than public schools. To compare your child's school score click here.

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