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Oxford County Officially MADD

It's the latest edition to the fight against drunk driving: Oxford County has a Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter. It's been established thanks to the work of Karmel Smith, who unfortunately had her own reasons for starting up the chapter. "When I was 14, two of my friends were in a drunk driving collision. They got in a vehicle with a drunk driver. One of them lost their life, the other lost her leg." The new MADD Chapter will be reaching out to victims of drunk driving to provide them with support. As well, they're looking for volunteers to join in helping out with fundraisers and awareness events, the first of which, Smith is hoping to hold as soon as next month. "Planning on doing a grocery bagging fundraiser...I'm hoping to get some police officer, firefighters, members of the public, just people that want to come out in help...anyone that's been impacted by impaired driving and wants to spread the work." Here are contact details on how you can get involved with Oxford County's MADD Chapter: E-mail: maddoxfordcounty@gmail.com Phone: 1800-665-6233 Ext. 263

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