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Recurring Theme in Woodstock's Crash Prone Areas

If you're going to get in a crash in Woodstock, the most likely intersection is Norwich Ave. and Juliana Drive. That spot was once again, the most crash-prone intersection in Woodstock in 2012. There were 17 collisions at that juncture last year, same as 2011. In fact, there was almost the exact same number of crashes on Woodstock streets in 2012 than 2011. The latest numbers have been released out of Woodstock Police Headquarters, showing 763 crashes last year, was about the same as 764 the year before. The good news, according to police, is that the top 10 most crash prone intersections saw an 11% decrease in collisions. That may have been due to targeted enforcement that has drivers more aware and cautious in those areas. Police point out, they publicized those safety campaigns in the local media in advance, to "educate drivers of their personal responsibility to drive safely". Below is a list of the top 10 crash-prone intersections in 2012, along with the number of crashes at those intersection. The Norwich Ave./Cedar/Wilson/Huron St. stretch between the 401 and Dundas St. appears on the list a whopping 7 times. Intersection # of Collisions Norwich Ave. / Juliana Dr. 17 Peel St. / Wilson St. 12 Norwich Ave. at Wal-Mart Plaza 9 Springbank Ave. / Dundas St. 8 Mill St. / Dundas St. 7 Norwich Ave. / Montclair Dr. 7 Norwich Ave. / Pavey St. 6 Huron St. / Dundas St. 6 Hounsfield St. / Wilson St. 5 Mill St. / Main St. 5

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