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Tavistock Intersection Changes Approved

Changes are coming to the main intersection of Tavistock. Later this month, the County will be installing a new pedestrian crosswalk called "Barnes Dance". Essentially, traffic will be stopped throughout the intersection to allow for pedestrian crossing from all points. You'll even be able to cross the intersection diagonally. Other changes being made include a protected green-light to turn left from all 5 streets. Vehicles will also no longer be allowed to turn right on a red light. The changes were approved by County Council today, and came out of a public meeting in December. East-Zorra-Tavistock Mayor Don McKay says it's all in the name of public safety. "No one wants to live in a community that's been witness to a tragedy. People are quite concerned that the near-misses will turn into a tragedy without some intervention." The new rules will take effect later this year.

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