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Locomotive Lockdown Reaches 2nd Day

The standoff between CAW workers and an EMD locomotive looks like it could go on for days and even weeks. The blockade of a waiting locomotive that was enroute to be painted Wednesday morning continues into a second day. The picket is a new front in the union battle against Caterpillar. The company has locked out over 400 workers in London, after making a take it or leave it offer that would slash wages and benefits by up to 50 per cent. Sean is an EMD worker who live in Ingersoll. He says they won't take the offer. "We're out here to show a big company that they just can't take away everything you have and say 'take it or leave it'. Well, we're not going to take that anymore. This isn't just for us, it's for everybody." The blockade is being heavily supported by CAW Local 88 members. The CAMI workers that were on site this morning were just coming off of midnight shifts. Tracy explains why she's joined the picket. "Because I work in a union environment as well and if this can happen to them, it can happen to me." No union officials were on hand when we visited the site this morning. The workers we spoke with this morning didn't want their last names used on air.

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